Oficina de Criação is a production and distribution company based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, since 1998. The company has had a range of experiences in film and television. Our production emphasizes on independent filmmaking that creates original content. 

Currently we are in production of five main projects: 

A TV Series called "Blue Skye" for a family audience (Delivery Date: 12/2018) - Channel: Cine Brasil TV;

A TV Series called "#Seriously?" for young audience (Delivery Date: 04/2019) - Channel: TV Cultura;

A TV Series called "Speak up!" (On air) - Channel: TV Cultura;

A Feature Documentary Film called "I am The Other One" (Delivery Date: 09/2018) - for theatrical exibition;

And a Kids Amnimation Series in Development called "Jeff's Treasures" (Delivery Date: 12/2017).

Oficina de Criação has participated in various short film festivals such as; the 10th Drama International Short Film Festival- Greece, and the 20th Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.